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Posted on Jul 12, 2018
Expire: Oct 10, 2018
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• CITY GIRL - by Patricia Scanlan - Paperback - new condition.

Three very different women face heartache, upheaval and reinvention in this romantic drama, which praises the power of friendship to pull you through when life gets tough.

At 21, Devlin is seduced by the suave, sophisticated Colin Cantrell-King, an older married man and her boss
But this affair will leave her with some tough decisions to make.

Caroline is afraid of being left on the shelf so jumps at the chance to marry the cool, detached and very attractive Richard
But, why does he never return her ardour with equal passion?

Married mother Maggie feels trapped in a loveless marriage until she discovers her husband's infidelity
What will she do with her new-found sense of liberation?

• CITY WOMAN - by Patricia Scanlan - Paperback - new condition.

Devlin's flair and ambition has made a success of the 'City Girl' health and leisure complex
Expansion is next on her agenda, But what of Luke Reilly, a man used to getting his own way? His interest is more than professional
Soon Devlin is forced to make a decision that will have a huge impact on her life.

Caroline, still coming to terms with her husband's revelations, has to do some serious thinking
Can she face the future on her own or will she resort to the crutches of drugs and drink that have always carried her through?

Maggie, torn between motherhood and career, finds her marriage under threat
Her husband's total lack of support enrages and frustrates her
After years of putting other people's needs before her own, Maggie has to decide if it's time to put herself first.

• FATHER UNKNOWN - by Lesley Pearse - Paperback - new condition.

Would you sacrifice your future for the sake of your past?

One young woman in search of a past - and a future ...

Sweet-natured but dappy Daisy Buchan drifts from job to job and takes her policeman boyfriend Joel for granted
She's happy, but she doesn't know what she wants from life.

But when her adoptive mother dies and leaves her twenty-five-year-old daughter a scrapbook of memories, Daisy finally discovers who she is and where she came from.

Her real mother was a teenage farmer's daughter from Cornwall - and Daisy drops everything to go and find her
But in going in search of her past, is Daisy risking the future of her relationship not only with her adored dad but also with Joel? And will she be able to deal with the truth about her real parents and the real Daisy?

• WILDFIRE - by Susan Lewis - Paperback - used but good condition.

Everything in Rhiannon's life is perfect
Her career is on the up and Oliver, the great love of her life, has just asked her to marry him
The future couldn't look better.

But their married bliss soon starts to evaporate when Oliver's power-crazed boss decides that Rhiannon is an unsuitable wife
And when American billionaire Max Romanov, engaged to supermodel Galina Casimir, turns his charm on her, Rhiannon is overcome by the intensity of her feelings for this enigmatic man who proves to be a challenge too hard to resist.

Until the web of passion becomes more and more tangled and threatens to destroy a love that consumes like wildfire...

all 4 books for 5.00.

Buyer must collect - cash on collection please.

Ads has expired
Posted on Jul 12, 2018

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