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Wanted virtual girlfriends to Talk , chat and Improve my English (London)

Price: contact | UK, england, London,
Wanted virtual girlfriends to Talk , chat and Improve my English (London)
Ad ID: 4111912
Posted on Jun 14, 2018
Expire: Sep 12, 2018
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Posted by: Unregistered user
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Wanted virtual girlfriends to Talk , chat and Improve my English (London)
Address: Chelsea, London

I am looking a good, classie British girl with very good English !!!!
Sorry I will write a lot - practice my grammer:))
Lady, who can give me her time and to be my virtual friends in talks about everything! I do not looking nothing more and I do not want to meet with nobody in real!!! I need only virtual girlfriends for conversation or chat to Improve my English! I can give you my number of mobile + my viber or whatsapp and We can not go to our private life - Simple speak about life or what do you want!! I like and studied psychology a little bit know about Politic, Art and fashion:)
We simple can have good conversation to talk about everything
For me the important is to learn English and have good grammer and You can call me when you want ! i life in this area
but For me doesn't matter where do you life? in my area or other part of London or England! The Important to be British , English - with very good English without a foreign accent or street accent like.......
I need in person with good English(classie lady)For me doesn't matter who you are? how old are you, but better not older person because to have some same interest and looking in life) to have about what to speak)
The same I need good lady, who can understand that I can made mistake in speaking and sometime do not understand you and you need to be very patient ) to understand everything and help me.
I want to learn and know language of this country!) Now I life here and simple to respect country, culture and grammatically correct to have posibility to say what I think)
Sometime you can look good have a good study and educated but not knowing the language well , in conversation you can seem to idiots;)
Classie British girl? have a good English? or may be not British but with VERY good English!!!
I give you my phone- mobile and viber or whatsapp and we can have permanent speaking or chat about EVERYTHINK)

In exchange if do u need? I can be your friend who support you, You can speak with me about everything and do not warry about nothing because I do not no you and you me! And I have not interest in real meeting! if you are think that you a alone? lonely? call and i will speak with you
if need? we can speak hours!!! I need in speaking ! :) may be you need in somebody who can listening you!) Help each other;)

I am not looking for real meeting! I want to communicate and chat a lot for the practice of the languageand only!

Who can help me in this type of conversation? virtual by phone?
or chat in viber? write!

Write me only lady...
boy please do not write me, simple i will fill mayself incomfortable) Boy need to speak with girl!!:) and girl with boy:)

Ads has expired
Posted on Jun 14, 2018

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