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Want to get in on the bitcoin goldrush? (West Midlands)

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Want to get in on the bitcoin goldrush? (West Midlands)
Ad ID: 3232227
Posted on Dec 07, 2017
Expire: Mar 07, 2018
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Posted by: Unregistered user
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Want to get in on the bitcoin goldrush? (West Midlands)
Address: Castle Bromwich, West Midlands

1st this is not a scam
2nd I am not here to hype anything, whatsoever!

I couldn't care less if you are sceptical or judge me for this ad, I am simply showing a path that I have taken myself.

Now, as you know or may not know bitcoin has taken off to astronomical heights and analysts predict it will go as high as £800,000 per bitcoin! That's not a typo!

As of writing this ad the price for bitcoin is £11,404 per coin, so in the next 2 years we are looking at a 100% rise in bitcoin alone, god knows what 15,20 years from now could bring.

So I am writing this ad to share with you an opportunity for you to capitalise and make some serious bank and change your financial trajectory.

You may have a 9-5, work in a bank or just want more freedom for your life to spend time with the people you love and do the things you enjoy, so if that's you please listen closely.

I invested myself in bitcoin earlier this year and stumbled across 'mining', now cut a long story short mining bitcoin is becoming less profitable with the rise in bitcoin difficulty and the power costs involved in utilising mining technology, so naturally I had to figure out how I could get more bitcoin!

So, this is where I came across 'cloud mining', cloud mining is essentially you taking out a contract with cryptocurrency mining companies and paying for 'hashing power'
It's the same as usual mining but with no power costs involved and it's sill very profitable for you as of today 7th December 2017.

As you can see in my picture I have 100 TH/s of hashing power, now if you don't know what that means, it translates to around 0.13 bitcoin per month
which is about £1500 of pure profit per month.

100 TH/s cost me about £11.5k but the upside is I have no electricity costs and I can get daily payouts to my bitcoin wallet
The reason I'm sharing this with you is because the site I use has a referral scheme and I get 10% of each referrals deposit.

So if I can help 20,30 people get setup with a cloud mining contract, I stand to reason to make 10% and I am investor so 10% of 30 peoples investment of £1k or more is great returns and more hashing power for myself to compound with.

*the site has a reinvest feature everytime you get a daily payout.

The company I use has been around since 2013, so they are very reputable and your bitcoin and other crypto investments will be very, very safe.

You don't need to invest what I did, you could do more, you could do less, I did it because I saw the potential of cloud mining and it made sense as my bitcoin was just sitting in my coinbase account, may as well put it to use and make more, right?

So no fluff just actual actionable steps to get involved with bitcoin and cloud mining, I would recommend that if you haven't got a clue where to start, check youtube out and get a jist of bitcoin.

If you are ready to buy bitcoin but don't know how, I have left my number and I'll assist you in purchasing your bitcoin the easiest and safest way, because I know there is a lot of theft and corruption with this new market.

If you have bitcoin and are interested in cloud mining, click my referral link and take out a 1 year contract of 'SHA-256' which is a bitcoin mining contract, they have a slider to show you how much bitcoin you can make for what you purchase.

Any questions, drop me a text or call me.

Get ready to change your life with bitcoin! 1 year from now, you'll thank me for showing this to you trust me
But the longer you leave it, the less chance you have of winning with this.

Ads has expired
Posted on Dec 07, 2017

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