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PSYCHOLOGY A2 AQA A (Collins-4th edition) (Carshalton/Morden/Wimbledon/Wallington)

PSYCHOLOGY A2 AQA A (Collins-4th edition) (Carshalton/Morden/Wimbledon/Wallington)
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Posted on Jan 13, 2018
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PSYCHOLOGY A2 AQA A (Collins-4th edition) (Carshalton/Morden/Wimbledon/Wallington)
Address: Carshalton/Morden/Wimbledon/Wallington

Good for in-depth understanding of concepts and theories in psychology for AQA exam board
Full coverage of the latest AQA A specification, at exactly the right depth, delivers all content and up-to-date research throughout, with 'psychology in context' at the start of every unit
'Issues, debates and approaches' and 'check your understanding' features
In addition, develop evaluation, critical thinking and analysis skills (AO2) with 'Stretch and Challenge' activities, with a strong focus on 'How Science Works' and 'Research Methods'
Finally, this book contains exam style practice, visual chapter summaries and in-depth guidance from examiners to help you succeed at A2!

Chapter 1: Biological rhythms and sleep-
-biological rhythms
-sleep states
-disorders of sleep

Chapter 2: Perception
-Theories of perceptual organisation
-development of perception
-face recognition and visual agnosias

Chapter 3: Relationships
-Formation, maintenance and breakdown or romantic relationships
-human reproductive behaviour
-effects of early experience and culture on adult relationships

Chapter 4: Aggression
-Social psychological approaches to explaining aggression
-biological explanations of aggression
-aggression as an adaptive response

Chapter 5: Eating behaviour
-Eating behaviour
-Biological explanations of eating behaviour
-Eating disorders

Chapter 6: Gender
-Psychological explanations of gender development
-biological influences on gender
-social contexts of gender role

Chapter 7: Intelligence and learning
-theories of intelligence
-animal learning and intelligence
-evolution of intelligence

Chapter 8: Cognition and development
-development of thinking
-development of moral understanding
-development of social cognition

Chapter 9: Schizophrenia
-clinical characteristics and issues of classification and diagnosis
-explanations of schizophrenia
-therapies for schizophrenia

Chapter 10: Depression
-clinical characteristics and issues of classification and diagnosis
-explanations of depression
-therapies for depression

Chapter 11a: Phobic disorders
-clinical characteristics and issues of classification and diagnosis
-explanations of phobic disorders
-therapies for phobic disorders

Chapter 11b: Obsessive-compulsive disorder
-clinical characteristics and issues of classification and diagnosis
-Explanations of OCD
-Therapies for OCD

Chapter 12: Media psychology
-media influences on social behaviour
-persuasion, attitude and change
-the psychology of 'celebrity'

Chapter 13: The psychology of addictive behaviour
-models of addictive behaviour
-factors affecting addictive behaviours
-reducing addictive behaviour

Chapter 14: Anomalistic psychology
-theoretical and methodological issues in the study of anomalous experience
-factors underlying anomalous experience
-belief in exceptional experience

Chapter 15: The application of scientific method
-the major features of science
-the scientific process
-validating new knowledge and the role of peer review

Chapter 16: Designing psychological investigations
-selection and application of appropriate research methods
-sampling strategies and their implications
- issues of reliability and validity
-ethical considerations in design and conduct of psychological research

Chapter 17: Data analysis and reporting
- probability and significance
- the use of inferential analysis
- reporting psychological investigations

Chapter 18: The A2 examination
-preparing for the A2 exam
-examination performance
-examination marking

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Posted on Jan 13, 2018

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