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Psychic & Angel Card Readings specialising in love, life path, work, and home life (London)

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Psychic & Angel Card Readings specialising in love, life path, work, and home life (London)
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Posted on Jul 12, 2018
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Psychic & Angel Card Readings specialising in love, life path, work, and home life (London)
Address: Highgate, London

To book a reading please visit my website or call me on 07944 836 977

Are you feeling stuck and confused?
Do you wish to remove blocks but unsure how to?
Are you having difficulties with decisions and choices and can’t decide what to do?

l am a natural intuitive, clarvoyant, clairsentiant, and clairaudant, psychic energy reader with over 25 years’ experience offering guidance, insight, wisdom, and clarification on any area of your life you need support with
l work through my soul heart in a direct, open, gentle way making you feel at ease with my calm compassionate manor, and excellent delivery of messages where l look into your past, present, and future to give perspective, insight, clarification, and guidance on your difficulties, problems, and worries.

With a mix of intuitive, psychic, oracle cards, and spiritual life coaching techniques l can help you make positive proactive life changes in any area/s of your life you need help with.

l specialise in:
Spiritual development/life path
Health and general well being

Through my intuitive and psychic abilities l receive impressions about your energy and what is currently going on in your life now, your past, your future, and what is blocking your way forward
The oracle cards add special messages for your soul’s journey and help you to see the bigger picture to what is going on and why
My life coaching tips help you to look within and find your own answers to your questions, which empowers yourself in believing that you can master your life and take control of it too
All 3 combined together give you powerful guidance, support, and helpful suggestions on what you can do to change things positively.

This is a powerful way of delving right into your soul and looking right into the heart of the matter, in this way you receive a clearer picture of how you can unravel the difficulties, and move your life forward to make beneficial changes within yourself, so you can then make the necessary changes in your life to take back your control and steer it the way you wish it to go.

To book a reading please visit my website or call me on 07944 836 977

Blessings, Wendy x


I received an email reading from Wendy full of strikingly accurate, and comforting insight
I am in the midst of a bold step to improve a long standing blockage and I continue to refer to my reading for Connection and Comfort as I step forward with love, casting away fear
Thank you Wendy!! ~ Lisa ~

Dear Wendy,I just wanted to let you know how uplifted and healed I felt after your reading, and also to say what a wonderful reader you are: Your intuition is excellent and your delivery is filled with gentleness and compassion
I felt so at ease and comfortable in your healing light and felt that you really listened to what I had to say, which was very reassuring for me
You confirmed many of the things I have been told before by another (very famous) reader and added a few more eye openers which gave me confidence in the future
In fact, my worries seemed to evaporate by the end of the session and I left feeling like a different person...Thank you so much, may you be blessed with joy and abundance for your services that I know come from the heart
Much love, S from London

Wendy's beautiful insight and keen ability to connect on the deepest spiritual levels really helped me understand some important issues in my life
At a moment when all was feeling dark, Wendy brought me light, hope, and awareness
Her reading was so poignant, and has stayed with me and continued to guide me
She also generously made herself available to me for further explorations and understandings
Wendy is a truly magnificent soul, and I feel blessed to have been able to benefit from her wisdom - Elana -

Great reading from a lovely lady, very friendly, very precise, lots of information relating to me and my situation.Delivered quickly, would highly recommend and would definitely use again
Many thanks Wendy x - Caroline Lunt -

Ads has expired
Posted on Jul 12, 2018

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