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Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter (London)

Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter (London)
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Posted on Jun 13, 2018
Expire: Sep 11, 2018
Posted by: Unregistered user
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Professional Dog Walker / Pet Sitter (London)
Address: Harrow, London

Professional Dog Walker and Pet Sitter, based in Harrow.

I have over ten years experience in walking dogs and pet sitting across Harrow and the surrounding areas.

I am extremely fit so I can exercise the dogs as much as they need to, old or young.
I am a great animal lover and genuinely look forward spending time with every fluffy client!

I like to take the dogs to old reading or Bentley priory, the varied smells and different sights will tire them out, and once they get to know me, the large open fields at Roger Bannisters to give them a good run with the ball (and lots of treats!).

Whatever the weather, we will make sure we have fun whilst you’re at work
No more worrying about your pooch being bored at home needing a wee and to let off some steam!

I’m also a pet sitter:
Cat, budgie, hamster, rabbit, gold fish etc, I can pop in and feed them or sit with them for as long as you need
I can visit whilst you are on holiday, sick in hospital, away with work, I have done it all.

Dog Walk - £10 an hour
Pet Sit - £10 for a drop in (feed and let out for a wee) & £10 an hour after that to chill with them, play with them, watch tv with etc!

Expire: Sep 11, 2018
Posted on Jun 13, 2018

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