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Permission to metal detect (Cambridgeshire)

Price: contact | UK, england, Cambridgeshire,
Ad ID: 4633646
Posted on Jan 04, 2019
Expire: Apr 04, 2019
Posted by: Unregistered user
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Permission to metal detect (Cambridgeshire)
Address: Cambridge, Cambridgeshire

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for permission to metal detect on farm land or larger gardens in the Cambridgeshire areas please.

I have a passion for looking and finding interesting bits and pieces
This is a solo act and am only interested in small items so no big holes, I'll leave things as I find them.

In the event I found something of interest I'll first reort it as per finds rules and if, if, there is anything of a monatory value I'll share anything over £10 50/50.

I am 58 years old gentleman and this has become my hobby
I will always be respectful of your belongings and happily explain how I've got on
Even introduce you to the sport, if you love the outdoors it can be a real thrill
Although I've been doing this for a few years I've only ever found one thing of significant interest
That, ironically, was on my first outing, a small orchard at the back of my house
I has no sooner switch things on I picked up a signal
Laying just below grass level was a 1st World War medal
Can you imagine how made up I was
Sadly there were no serial number left so I couldn't follow up
Anyway, I honestly believed that the next big find was just around the corner, just hsan't worked out....yet.

If you can help or are interested please feel free to contact me, (My wifes e-mail account).


Expire: Apr 04, 2019
Posted on Jan 04, 2019

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