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Paid volunteers needed for online research study who worry a lot or dwell on negative past events (London)

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Paid volunteers needed for online research study who worry a lot or dwell on negative past events (London)
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Posted on Oct 11, 2017
Expire: Jan 09, 2018
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Address: London

We are looking for people to help us research why some people find it difficult to stop thinking repeatedly about negative topics
This negative thinking can take the form of worry (for example, thinking about how things might go badly in the future) or thinking over and over about upsetting things in the past (for example, wondering “what could I have done differently?” or “why has this happened to me?” or “why am I feeling down?”).

By taking part in this research, you will be helping a wider research program to develop better treatments for people who engage in repetitive negative thinking and for those with anxiety and depression.

We need participants who:
- find themselves repeatedly worrying or dwelling on past negative events or concerns
- are 18-65 years old
- are fluent in English

If you would like to take part, you will first be asked to complete a short questionnaire that will help us determine your suitability for the study
The rest of the study will involve completing 3 weeks of online sessions at home
These home sessions will involve listening to a series of short audio clips then answering quick questions about them, as well as a few other short tasks
There will be an initial longer session (around 1hr 30mins) followed by 3 sessions to do per week and each home session lasts around 35 mins
There will then be a final slightly longer session (around 1hr)
The study pays 100 pounds in total and this will be paid in vouchers.

We are currently looking for people to take part who are able to start the online sessions this week
If you are interested in getting involved, then we will send you our short questionnaire
If the questionnaire indicates that you might meet our criteria, we will arrange a call to check in more detail whether you are eligible for the study
If you do meet the eligibility criteria, we will send you the details to start the online sessions.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact Charlotte by replying to this ad
We will send you an email with more information and the link to the initial questionnaire.

Research for the Department of Psychology, King's College London.
Ethics ref: HR-16/17-3812

Ads has expired
Posted on Oct 11, 2017

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