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Laser Liposuction 1 session £50 (12 session £350) (London)

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Laser Liposuction 1 session £50 (12 session £350) (London)
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Posted on Feb 13, 2018
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Laser Liposuction 1 session £50 (12 session £350) (London)
Address: Wimbledon, London

Laser Lipo Treatment
Using low level red light therapy the energy thru the paddles will penetrate the skin just deep enough to reach fat cells & stimulate collagen and help improve the skin appearance
Recommended every 72 hours best results !

Available Packages:
Course of 3: £100
Course of 6: £200
Course of 9: £269.00
Course of 12: £350.00
What happens during treatment?
We begin by taking measurements of each area being treated as you lay in a comfortable couch

A trained therapist will place paddle on skin with tensor bandages.
The machine is turned on and you are free to relax, read & listen to music while the lasers go to work.
Treatment time 35-40 min
After removing the paddles you will stand on a Vibration Platform for ten minutes to assist your body in releasing the free fatty acids, glycerol and water
(A visit to the bathroom is often needed prior to this second phase.)
This increases metabolism, causing more fuel to burn, increasing circulation, increasing blood flow helping to flush out toxins.
Where does the fat go?
The free fatty acids are absorbed by the lymphatic system, and are eliminated in the urine.
How many treatments will I need?
This depends on your body and the outcome you wish to achieve
If you have a few small areas to spot reduce such as love handles or slight tummy bulge 3-6 may be sufficient.
To achieve significant inch loss, a course of 6-12 will be likely needed

Is Laser Lipo Safe?
Are there any side effects?
The only known side effect is temporary hyper pigmentation/hypo pigmentation in individuals with darker skin

The results of the treatment are simply astounding

Results may very from patient to patient

On average patients lose 1.5 cm - 4 cm in treated area ( depending on patients genetics, life style , nutrition)
All instructions how to “maximise “ the effects are given individually after consultations with the client

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Posted on Feb 13, 2018

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