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Jazz Piano Teacher (Bristol)

Price: contact | UK, england, Bristol,
Jazz Piano Teacher (Bristol)
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Posted on May 16, 2018
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Jazz Piano Teacher (Bristol)
Address: Barton Hill, Bristol

Always admired those swinging jazz musicians?
Always wanted to learn some pop songs or classical pieces to play to your friends?

Get in touch and we can discuss what you would like to learn and what music you are interested in exploring
I am an experienced musician (playing violin and singing growing up) specialising in Jazz Piano
I have a philosophy degree from The University of Sheffield and a Jazz Piano Music Degree from the Prins Claus Conservatoire in The Netherlands
I am an experienced piano teacher and I love to help each student develop what they are enthused about and open up new possibilities for exploring music.

What I teach
– Jazz Piano
Jazz repertoire – common jazz repertoire, discuss the best approaches for performing, work out suitable keys and tempos, basics of counting in, intros, outros and song forms.
Jazz rhythms and phrasing – swing, groove, articulation, syncopation, sub divisions, developing a strong internal sense of rhythm
Melody – melodic intervals, chord tones and scales, transcriptions, improvising using set rhythms.
Harmony and theory – functional harmony, voice leading and the Berklee Method.
Ear training – see Melody^ + chord recognition, intervals in chords, chord tensions
Advanced rhythmic exercises – odd metres, cross rhythms, groupings of sub divisions, advanced syncopation exercises.
Reharmonisation, some basic tricks and strategies + encouragement to explore one’s own creative solutions.
Composition – Basics of melodic construction, harmonic considerations, form and aesthetic considerations.
Piano technique – classical repertoire, scales and arpeggios, jazz exercises, posture and considerations of efficient movement.
– Classical Piano
– Theory, jazz and classical
– Pop songs/pop piano
– Technique
– Posture

Piano Lessons Bristol
I charge £17 for half an hour and £34 for an hour
I generally prefer that students come to my place but I’m happy to travel if necessary and factor in the extra time and public transport costs

4 weeks of lessons discount!
For those willing to book 4 weeks of lessons in advance the rate is £14/£28.

What I expect
I generally have a large demand from advanced students who take one off or infrequent lessons
This can work well for me as my weekly schedule is quite variable anyway but this is only possible at the full price
Please let me know in advance if this is what you are looking for.

For beginners and intermediate students on the other hand I now ask that you book 4 weeks of lessons in advance at the discounted rate (£14 for half an hour, £28 for an hour).

I really enjoy teaching a wide variety of abilities but for beginners and intermediate students, I ask that you make sure you will be able to commit to learning the piano
I generally advise that 10-15 minutes, 5 or 6 days a week is the minimum time you will need to devote to learning to play the piano
Hopefully you will enjoy practising for longer periods as well but 15 minutes most days is a good start and a necessary commitment.

My approach
Generally I like to start with what interests the particular student who I’m working with
I think people learn more quickly and more intensely when they’re really enjoying the music and engaged with what they’re studying
On the other hand I also like to give students lots of material so that they never run out of things to practise and don’t get bored with one piece or one approach.

Find out more about me on my website by searching for *timmy funnell Bristol*

Look forward to hearing from you.

Ads has expired
Posted on May 16, 2018

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