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Benefits Bods needed!!! Flexible Volunteering Opportunity. (South Yorkshire)

Price: contact | UK, england, South Yorkshire,
Ad ID: 4034897
Posted on Jun 01, 2018
Expire: Aug 30, 2018
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Posted by: Unregistered user
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Benefits Bods needed!!! Flexible Volunteering Opportunity. (South Yorkshire)
Address: Aston, South Yorkshire

Hello, My name is Paula Wharmby and I want to invite you to help me run my very new Walking Club
It operates nationwide and is completely free
We are called 'PoundtheGround' and it is our mission to walk the map...all of it.

I cant do it alone, I need your help
I need you to help me grow this project big, I need you to share it on Facebook, I need you to Tweet about it, I need you to get your friends involved
I need you to tell everybody that you know about it
Together if there are enough of us we can really make some noise
behind the brand that I have created we can find a voice
We can hold events all over the country, all over the world
It gives us something productive to work on, something to tattoo on our CV and on our hearts
This is our mission, our goal.

There are lots of jobs available, infact I want you to design your own
You really can do anything you want
You can even earn a living if you wish
Think about what your dream job would be and choose that
Find it here
What do you need to gain experience in? What do you enjoy doing? What opportunities do you have around you? What books do you want to read? Perhaps you could start a campaign in your local area? Or maybe you have a platform on social media? Could you design walking routes? Or could you find a way to support people who prefer to walk alone?Let your imagination run wild and our story will too
All are accepted.

We are curing Obesity and healing Unemployment
Whether you want to join as an individual, as a group leader, or in some other capacity: I have created lots of PDF's for you to download and will be adding more as time and progress goes by
They are designed to be a launch pad so you should feel free to add to them to make your PTG experience your own.

So, who am i? Well, let me give you a bit of history about myself: I am female, 22 stone and 30 years old
I have been on diet after diet and all have failed
I have multiple psychiatric diagnosis and have spent years stumbling around looking for help
I have spent a significant amount of time out of employment and am now struggling to become economically active again.

I am dedicated to making this a success, please join me
We could have tens of thousands of people involved by the end of the year
Climb on board and change some lives.

Ads has expired
Posted on Jun 01, 2018

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